Why Meetly?

Meetings can be messy. Calendars are cluttered. We try very hard to stay on top of things. Yet, remote work feels like a wormhole of meetings you are getting sucked into everyday.

Meetly is the good assistant that you wish you had. To manage your calendar and help your run effective meetings.

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Our Mission

Battle remote work burnout

Most team burnout is a result of being overwhelmed with tasks, unrealistic expectations, ineffective communication and inability to keep pace.

Meetly aims to help get most of your time in meetings.

Effectiveness over long hours

Loose contexts. Unclear agendas. Lack of accountability.

These are the usual suspects to ineffective meetings. Meetly allows you to be on top of everything without having to toggle between multiple products to achieve your goals.

The team behind Meetly

We are a small team of builders working relentlessly to make meetings more productive for you.