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Introducing Meetly AI : Automatically take meeting notes & Action items for your meetings


Write and send meeting notes from your calendar and meet calls,
pull up past notes in recurring meetings,
and never lose your chat messages again.

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Spending more time juggling browser tabs than connecting with people on your call?

Meetly's chrome extension will keep you stay focused.

Make every meeting 10x more productive

Meetings can be messy. Calendars are cluttered. We try very hard to stay on top of things. Yet, remote work feels like a wormhole of meetings you are getting sucked into everyday.

Meetly is the good assistant that you wish you had. To manage your calendar and help your run effective meetings.

Your chats are synced on Meetly

Google Meeting Chats

Meetly syncs all your Google meet chats so you never lose track of who said what.

Meetly will preserve all of your google meeting chats and make them available to you anytime you need. You can search, reorder or archive these conversations easily, so you never miss an important message again.

Send meeting notes to attendees

Meeting Notes

Loose contexts. Unclear agendas. Lack of accountability.

These are the usual suspects to ineffective meetings. Meetly allows you to be on top of everything without having to toggle between multiple products to achieve your goals.

Access previous meeting notes on Meetly

Recurring Meetings

Projects, Standups, One-on-One meetings often suffer because context are not preserved or readily accessible.

Have a bird-eye view of everything coming your way today and stay on top of each one of them. Meetly's synced context helps you run meetings without breaking a sweat.

Meeting Templates by Meetly

Meeting Templates

Making meetings run smoothly is a matter of preparation. Meeting templates can help you get started, and keep your attendees on the same page with their agendas.

Use one of ours or create your own meeting template that can be reused in any meeting.

Meetly offers a powerful editor for note taking

Powerful Editor

Think Notion right inside your google meet calls.

Meetly’s rich text agenda builder ensures that your meetings start with clarity and drives accountability. Take Meeting notes right within Google Meet, eliminating the need to search for your notes before the meeting. Say hello to joyful productivity!

Meetly is not for everyone!

Meetly is most effective for people who need to power through each day by building consensus and driving outcomes

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For Founders & CXOs

Effective communication and delegation is key to drive a vision. Meetly helps you run meetings with effective agendas, accountability and outcomes.

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For Team Leaders

Run effective project check-ins, retrospectives, engaging 1-on-1s, never forget what was discussed, and build better relationships with your direct reports.

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For Chief of Staff

Track key takeaways from executive meetings, enhance alignment across scaling teams, and amplify the CEO’s communication to help the company flourish.

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For Individual Contributors

Everyone thinks you've superpowers. Meetly helps you keep up with those expectations.

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Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say

The early users of Meetly have some great things to say. Check for yourself.

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“With Meetly you're spending less time searching, fewer tools and you can get back to what you said quicker. That turns into alignment, value and speed.”

Hermaan Kohli
Team Work - Saasly Webflow Template
Team Work - Saasly Webflow Template

“I have a single place to go to know whether I'm prepared, see my meetings for the day and keep adding value to my meetings as things develop over the week. I now no longer scramble to get things done.”

Pratik Sagar Mishra
Team Work - Saasly Webflow Template

“Our meetings are shorter, more productive and more on point – in every way.

Meetly is helping me save more time everyday.”

Rajeev Kohl


Start with access to all Meetly features — no credit card required.

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For light user who do not intend to take more than 25 notes.

Up to 25 Notes
History upto 15 days
No Collaborators
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Meetly Pro
$ 8
/ month

Take unlimited meeting notes and send them to some or all meeting participants.

Unlimited Notes
History upto 90 days
Invite guest collaborators
Premium Support
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Large Teams
$ 12
/ month

For teams bigger than 20 members.

Everything in PRO
SSO & Custom Integrations
Role Based Access Control
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Education and Nonprofits

Are you looking to use Meetly for education or for a nonprofit?

Meetly offer flat 50% off for Educaton or Nonprofit organisations on all plans.

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